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My Health Information

My Health Information is your new way to help take control of your patient medical care. As a patient of CIMCare, part of your patient information is available to you through this new site. You can securely and safely view various health records and update certain information, any time, 24 hours a day.

Some of the Things You Can Do:

  • View and update your demographic information
  • View billing statements
  • View Medical History, immunization, allergy, surgery and hospitalization history
  • Access individual visit summaries
  • View your medical records including appointment history and lab results
  • Download and Print your information

You take the driver seat, it's your HEALTH!

How Do I Sign Up?

You will receive a welcome email immediately after you provide us with your email and we 'web enable' you.

The email will have a subject line: "My Health Information from CIMCare Medical Centers".

It will include:

  • Patient Portal URL:
  • User Id: the system will automatically assign one for you. It will consist of your first name, last name and birth year
  • Password: this is a temporary password and you will have to replace it with one you choose

I Have an Email Address!

That's great, please make sure you let your CIMCare medical center know, next time you are at the center. They will place it in your patient records. Once you receive your email, you will be able to access My Health Information to view and update certain records. Look for the welcome email!

I Don't Have an Email Address!

We are here to help. During your visit to the medical center, we can assist you in obtaining an email address. If you are not scheduled for a visit, please call us at 954-456-5533 and we will help you.

You can get started once you receive your welcome email. This will include your User Id and your temporary password. Once you replace your temporary password you should have access to My Health Information. Before getting started, it's important you read the two consents online and if you agree, Accept. By not agreeing, you will not be able to access your medical records.

Click on this link to access My Health Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible to enroll?

A. Yes, once you give us your email address, you will be automatically enrolled and receive a welcome email with instructions.

Q. How do I get a User Id and Password?

A. For your convenience, the system will assign your User Id and include a temporary Password in your welcome email.

Q. Can I change my User Id?

A. We recommend that you keep the system-assigned User Id, but if you would like to change it, we can help you at the medical center.

Q. What happens if I forget my User Id?

A. If you forget your User Id or would like to change it, you can use the self-service feature on the sign-in screen to help you retrieve your User Id or we can help you retrieve it at your local medical center.

My Health Info Portal Sign In

Q. How do I get a password?

A. You will receive a temporary password in your welcome email. You will have to replace it with one you choose.

Q. What happens if I forget my password?

A. If you forget your password, we have included a self-service feature on the sign-in screen on My Health Information that you can use to retrieve or change your password. Look for this image and click on "Can't access your account?".

Q. Why do I have to accept 2 consents on the website?

A. One of the consents you must agree to is our vendor consent. My Health Information (patient portal) is powered by a vendor called eClinicalWeb, LLC ("ECW"). This consent outlines the Terms of Use Agreement ("Terms of Use" or "Agreement") and defines the terms and conditions under which ECW makes the Site available. The second is a practice consent for addressing issues and policies of the practice in exchanging information with its patients electronically. It is required that you grant your permission.

Q. Can I change my address or phone number on the patient portal?

A. Yes, you can submit changes through My Health Information. As well as, view information such as, medical history, allergies, hospitalizations, surgical history and immunizations.

Q. What if I have questions about my lab results or X-Rays?

A. Lab and X-Ray results will be available on My Health Information patient portal. However, we recommend that you speak to your primary care physician and medical team to answer all your questions. Please visit your CIMCare Medical Center.

Need help? Please contact us at 954-456-5533.

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